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Charities we support

Through partnerships, fundraising and charity auctions, we are proud to have raised money for important causes such as the fight against homelessness and supporting mental health charities.

Recent fundraising activities

  • 2022
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
This year, we are working with a number of mental health and wellbeing parnters, including The CIP Project in the UK. Throughout the year, GDS Group is looking to raise in excess of £100,000 supporting The CIP Project on its Devon-based mental health initiative – focused on deep emotional and wellbeing work that provides the tools, community and strategy needed to overcome trauma and unlock a new way of living.
2020 and 2021 were strenuous years for many, and GDS wanted to lighten the load for those that needed it most during the festive period. Working in partnership with Bristol City Council's Families in Focus team, we gave a helping hand to some of Bristol’s lowest income and vulnerable families by funding 200 hampers with all the key ingredients needed to make a Christmas dinner.
In 2019 we focused on supporting the amazing work being done by Mental Health Charities. Through GDS’s funding efforts, we raised over £26,000 for Mind in the UK and a further $35,803 and $54,109 for NAMI-NYC and NAMI-MIAMI respectively which helps individuals and families in the US affected by mental illness.
Combatting Homelessness with the help of our charitable partners, GDS Summits set out in 2018 to aid the fight against homelessness. Shelter helps millions of people a year who struggle with inadequate housing and homelessness across the UK.
Our 2022 charity

The CIP Project

This year, we are working with and empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are proud to be partnering with three different charities through a mix of funding, mentoring schemes, and work placements, as well as various fundraising events throughout the year.

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