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Land thought-leading messaging into your priority audiences – both internal and external – with exceptional production value, and showcase your strategic value.

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We host global organizations with the conversations that matter. That’s why we’re trusted by these top brands.

How we help

Deliver an impactful message

Join your audience in an energizing virtual event experience for your internal communications, company meetings, sales pitches or product launches.

Engage with your audience

Create a virtual event where everyone is part of the conversation, in an immersive and energizing space to meet your objectives.

Deliver your message in style

Deliver your pipeline by meeting the people who matter to you most to achieve your revenue targets.

Energizing experience

Stay close to your existing partners and expand your network to become a market leading and trusted advisor.

Why virtual showcases

Create an event experience that bridges the gap in a digital first world

Audience acquisition & data insights

Defining your target audience by industry, job function, community and a host of advanced profiling requirements, our Virtual Showcase audience sourcing team conduct personalised outreach to secure the best possible audience for your show.


Post show follow up and executive meetings

Our commitment doesn’t stop when the show does. In fact, that’s often just the beginning. With a team of follow-up specialists focused on securing audience feedback and facilitating one-to-one meetings.


Stage and screen production

The Virtual Showcase combines exceptional physical stage & studio production with virtual platform integration – allowing virtual speakers and audiences from anywhere around the world to interact with a live set and on-stage Master of Ceremonies.


Immersive management

From pre-event 3D virtual lobbies, in-show real-time chat and live polling, pre-recorded video and even ‘ad breaks’, the Virtual Showcases put your audience at the centre of the broadcast.

The experience

  • Pre-event
  • During the event
  • Post event
Create a powerful discussion with value for both you and your executive attendees with support from your dedicated Senior Producer throughout your Showcase virtual event experience.

Build an amazing and tailored experience supported by your Producer. Understanding your audience and project outcomes drives the event messaging, how we craft the perfect story, tailor the stage design, and map the registration journey. This gives you ultimate flexibility to get the right intelligence about your audience and prepare hyper-targeted in-show content and give your VIPs a front seat.
Break down the 4th wall to engage your audience with immersive presentations, breakout sessions, polls, and 1-1 follow-up meetings. Make every minute matter with the right visuals, information, and narrative flow – and that it’s all translated into exciting studio production.

From our pre-show virtual 3D lobby space to our in-show audience engagement tactics, you can define when, how and where your audiences interact. After the event, we can convert that experience to become on demand and repeatable.
Where our dedicated audience sourcing team have sourced your audience, our specialized follow-up team drive further ROI by deepening relationships with attendees after the event. Get facilitating closed-door, one-to-one meetings with engaged executives. Driving measurable value directly to your sales and marketing pipelines.
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Emma Chatwin

Head of Marketing
"It's a great means by which we can share what we've learnt and share our message and our education or our evangelism."
Jim Zuffoletti, CEO & Co-Founder, Safeguard Cyber
"These events are great for relationship building and early stage lead development tool"
Art DuRivage, VP Sales
"This is not your typical zoom. This is a lot more innovative. The look and feel is far more advanced than what I've seen before. "
Marty Sprinzen, Founder & CEO, Vantiq
"I was blown away by the great logistics, diversity of attendees and incredible networking opportunities. I can honestly say I’ve never had so many new relationships and key opportunities from a single meeting."
Bill Sheahan, Vice President
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